"Yoga is a process of self-discovery.
It is not the pose that counts; it is the journey to go there."

The yoga pose is not the goal, becoming flexible or standing on your hands, touching the toes is not the goal. The goal is to create space in your body, and become aware of your mind.

We strongly believe in the therapeutic virtues of Yoga. Practice of Asanas (postures) or Pranayama (breathing) will let go of stress, to breathe more consciously, to reconnect with yourself and to free any physical, emotional and/or mental tensions.

With a consistent and regular practice, Yoga will bring you benefits beyond the mat.

  • Yoga postures "Asanas" to provide strength and flexibility - It doesn't matter if you are flexible or stiff, weak or strong, yoga can transform your body and mind and improve your overall health.

  • Yoga breathing “Pranayama” to control your breath, improve the quality of your breath which is directly related to your mental state.

Come and experience a Yoga Class in Tulum!

                                          Yoga Studio class in Tulum

La Casa Surya welcomes you in its cosy yoga studio in Tulum. We accommodate 12 students to provide maximum attention to your practice.

We provide high-quality yoga mat, straps and block free of charge. Below is our weekly schedule and we recommend to check it regularly as classes and time might change.  (All students must fill out a waiver release).



Monday - Yin, Pranayama, and crystal singing bowls (6.30pm to 7.45pm)
Tuesday - Yoga for divers (7pm to 8pm)
Wednesday  - For Sweet Flow  (7pm - 8pm)
Thursday  - Hatha  (7pm - 8pm)

yoga fees & passes


1 class       $10 USD
3 classes     $ 25 USD
10 classes    $ 75 USD
* Privates available by appointment

Tulum Residents

1 class                               $ 80 pesos
10 classes (valid 2 months) $ 700 pesos
1 month                              $ 900 pesos

My classes are energetic, demanding and detailed, focused on breath as rhythm and the principles of alignment. While helping you progress from week to week, I will challenge you into discovering your hidden potential. I look forward getting the best out of my students.

I am happy to make suggestions based on your individual needs. Here is an overview of our classes (no pre-booking required, but please arrive 10 minutes early to secure a spot)


60 min Vinyasa practice - Yoga Medicine.
Yoga Medecine is about understanding the body from a western viewpoint & fusing that with the richness of the traditional practice of yoga.
Expect a mash up of whole body goodness with a heavy dose of mindful and precise movements. We will work on hips, back and core stabilizers, shoulders eventually flowing into some dynamic and held standing poses focusing on awareness and integrity of movement. Nothing fancy, only purposeful poses with precision to help you feel balanced and strong.

Yoga for divers, Explore your sea of gravity

A 60-minute practice designed to improve your freediving/diving skills. It will help to increase your flexibility, increase your concentration, and improve breathing which helps to expand your lung capacity and soothes your sinus.

Hatha gentle, Connect with yourself

A 60-minute practice based on asana practice focused on connecting the body and mind with the purpose of increasing awareness and stability. Understand and experience each asana for long hold, with a focus on alignment and breath is a perfect conditioning to tone the muscles and awaken the body and the mind.


A 75-minute restorative practice focused of long, and deep stretching, allowing the body to open on a deeper level, and cultivate a peaceful and meditative mind. The class can also include some myofascial release techniques to work on the connective tissues helping to relax tense muscles. We will end the session with healing sounds derived from Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. These bowls produce a resonance, that is not only heard but also felt. A relaxing and meditative state is cultivated during the class with the purpose of promoting the restoration of the body.  Suitable for anyone seeking to calm their minds and revitalise their bodies.

Pre-natal class (upon request)

A 60-minutes class designed to meet the needs of pregnant women and allow them to connect with their babies and their bodies during this special period in their lives. Specific postures are performed with the purpose of connecting with the pelvic floor area, strengthening specific areas of the core and nourishing their bodies as a whole.(Permission from a physician is recommended for this class.)