Welcome to La Casa Surya

La Casa Surya is a Yoga and Freediving school ideally located in the downtown of Tulum.  

Surrounded by the beautiful Maya ruins, the crystal clear water of the Cenotes, and the turquoise blue of the Caribbean, we will provide a serene, safe, and welcoming space where you embark on a journey of self-discovery through a guided Yoga practice, and develop your own Freediving experience.

Take a deep Breath, and Dive into Yourself!


Experience, Enjoy, Reconnect

Come and explore an underwater world of turquoise pools while discovering the art of freediving. Close your eyes, relax, take a deep breath and plunge into the silent world of underwater. 


Unwind, Unplug, Savour

Nurture yourself with deep, authentic and rejuvenating yoga, uniting body, and breathe with personal yoga guidance during your stay.


Relax, Refresh, Rejuvenate

Self care is essential for health, take the time to relax your mind, body and spirit. We offer Thai yoga therapy, and Reiki treatment. Come and Experience the Energetic Arts!


Our Location

Google Maps: La Casa Surya

Tulum Villas Yaaxbeh
Corner Calle Yodzonot y Calle Chun Yam Che
Tulum, Mexico

Just send us a message (whatsapp) before coming to ensure we will be available to welcome you!

Tel: +52 1 984 116 8783

Email: yogndive@lacasasurya.com

Best dive instructor I could ask for! Sabrina was extremely detail oriented and strict on the technical skills - exactly what you want in your dive instructor. She cares deeply about her students’ safety and is passionate about teaching diving. She made me fall in love with diving - highly recommend!
— Rebecca Yip
I have discovered Yoga thanks to Sabrina. Even if I was not flexible at all she makes me improved and overcome difficulties to finally enjoy the practice understanding the real aim of it. This has brought a lot in my daily life. Consequently, when I had the occasion to learn freediving with her I didn’t hesitate… This was a second eye-opener or rather a second breath-opener! Her expertise and her kindness make me feel comfortable, exploring new feelings, new limits in this new way of thinking & being. Thanks again Sabrina and see you soon !”
— Ferdinand Airault
Sabrina provided me with an hour of tranquility and peace once a week during my pregnancy, in the form of prenatal yoga. She managed to make me feel relaxed and healthy, even with a big pregnancy belly. She provided individual attention during the class and based the poses and exercises on how far along we each were with our pregnancies. She provided me with poses to do to assist with my baby’s positioning as delivery approached and helped me focus on my breathing.
— Ilde Rorrison
“Heartfelt gratefulness to the wonderful and inspiring yoga lessons designed by Sabrina. With her loving, caring and patient nurturing, she has brought the greatest level of comforts to each yoga student in all ages and nationalities. She illuminates each class with specific theme focusing on different body parts with detailed explanation on body structure before the lesson. She gradually awakens each student’s internal body awareness and along with proper breathing exercises, we can acquire relaxation and practice yoga at our own pace. She also takes care to correct us on each yoga posture to ensure us to benefit most from our practices. She opens up our heart, soul and body to a more fulfilling life enriched with deeper sense of self-discovery and stronger health in body flexibility & balancing.
— Selina Tang
Sabrina took me through my pregnancy with her pre-natal yoga practices which greatly helped with my breathing, muscle training and relaxation. The way that she focused on the pain that each individual was facing, and introduced poses which help alleviate that pain, was the most personal and fitting treatment one could get!
— Joan Yip