Apnee "Bien-être" - Thai Massage - Healing Therapy

Self-care is essential for health, take the time to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

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Apnee "Bien-être"

Come and experience a new approach of relaxation combining Yoga and freediving! Stressful life, lack of sleep, need to reconnect? What if your breath-hold was your rejuvenating breath? 

During this 90-min session, you will learn to breath properly, to relax and be more aware of your body.

Apnee “Bien-être”  is the combo of a gentle yoga class designed for freediving and a static session in a pool. You will hold your breath without movement allowing the body to relax , the mind to let go, and enter in a meditative state. It will help to relieve stress, release tension from your body, your mind, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Apnee "Bien-être" therapy  90 min – 80 USD

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Thai Healing THERAPY - Stimulating the flow of healing energies                   

Thai Massage in Tulum, Mexico

Thai Healing Massage is much more than just another style of massage. It is a healing art providing a highly beneficial, therapeutic and effective treatment to your body and your mind. Our approach is based on the northern style of Thai massage with deep roots in traditional Thai medicine. It is especially suited for specific therapeutic work like on shoulders, hips, legs, neck, or back. It is YOUR session. We aim at working with you to provide the most benefits effects.The idea is to free up energy flow and get the energy to move, improving energy, increased flexibility, overall health and well-being.

Thai Yoga Massage is performed on a mat on the floor; both client and practitioner are dressed in comfortable clothing allowing ease of movement and flexibility. No yoga experience is required.

Thai Yoga body therapy 60 min – 70 USD

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IMMERGE YOURSELF INTO the wave of wellness  


Lomi lomi Polynesian Oil Massage is a traditional Hawaiian massage that uses a combination of massage techniques, coconut oils, with breathing and movement to restore energy and soothe the body.

'Lomi lomi' translates to 'rub rub' in Hawaiian, and reflects the broad, flowing strokes made with the therapist's fingers, thumbs, palms, arms and elbows.

The massage works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, nourishing the skin, allowing you to relax and give in to the nurturing touch.

Reconnect and embrace the full state of wellbeing you deserve! Allow yourself to be suspended in peace and calm with techniques drawn from ancient Polynesian heritage.

Lomi lomi massage is performed on a massage table.

Lomi Lomi massage: 60min - 70USD or 90min - 90USD

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Reiki Therapy – Energy Healing

Reiki Treatment in Tulum, Mexico

Reiki healing therapy works on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to balance all the Chakras (Energy center) of the body.  A full Reiki treatment normally takes about an hour and consists of the positioning of the hands on the body with or without touch and focus on the Chakras along the spine and on the main organs.

Reiki found its origin in an ancient Japanese tradition. “Rei” for Spirit and “Ki” for life force. Reiki is a natural healing technique that has many benefits: It relieves stress and tension, clears negative emotions, and removes energy blocks found in the body. You will feel lighter, calmer, peaceful and relaxed when your session is done.

This Reiki session will be done on a massage table. Both client and practitioner are dressed in comfortable clothing. Reiki is very gentle and relaxing to receive.

Reiki therapy 60 min – 70 USD

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