"Freediving - An Inner Journey between two breaths"

Come and discover a deeper you! Experience freediving/apnea in Tulum. The freediving philosophy is irresistible, it is one of enjoyment and relaxation. Freediving promotes health and fitness-based lifestyle. It is ALL about feeling WELL! Calming down the mind, learning to breath properly, connecting with ourselves and become one with nature.

Freediving is for everyone and accessible to all underwater enthusiasts! 

Combined with Yoga, it confers relaxation that can significantly make your experience better and safer. We will guide you to become a safe and confident freediver. You will learn how to conserve oxygen, equalise properly, be flexible while exploring the amazing underworld of Tulum and simply enjoying the beauty and wonder of it.

Take a deep Breath, Explore your inner Sea, Take the plunge into the Silent World!


1-day freediving discoverY

Discover Apnea and the magic of the Cenotes |$130

Get a glimpse of what is freediving and increase your confidence in water.

You’ll learn how to breathe correctly, hold your breath safely, and uncover the secrets of the mammalian dive reflex.  You’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of!

what is included

  • Introduction to freediving & Yoga - Breathing exercises

  • 1 static apnea session in the pool

  • Lunch (vegan or vegetarian)

  • Fun freediving session in our favorite Cenote

*This experience does not offer any certification!   Just contact us!

Freediving course in Tulum

raid Freediver COurse(l1)

2-3 days | $330

Want to learn to be comfortable and safe in the water to see the marine life? Freediver course is for you! You will learn all the right techniques to go safely between 10 to 20 m depth on a single breath of air and hold for 2-3min!

Your course will focus on a solid foundation of what is freediving and get your freediving safe. We will teach you the proper techniques to extend your breath hold, to conserve oxygen, to equalize properly, our focus is on safety, techniques and comfort.


  • On-line theory review in classroom

  • Yoga class & Breathing exercises with a certified Yoga teacher

  • 2 confined water sessions (pool or Cenotes)

  • 2 open water session (20m max) in the Cenotes.



3-4 days | $450

Take your Freediving to the next level! In the RAID WSF Advanced Freediver course we will give you the keys to experience freediving to another level, allowing you to go deeper, be more confident and simply become a better freediver.

This Advanced Course will focus on the best part of freediving and equip you with further knowledge to stay under water for longer. You will learn new advanced equalisation (Frenzel), Freefall techniques and training methods taking you down to 30m deep in a safe and fun way.


  • Advanced theory (physiology, Safety, Equalisation, Training techniques...)

  • Yoga Class with certified yoga teacher

  • Full/Empty Lung Stretching

  • 2 Confined water sessions (Static and Dynamic)

  • 4 Open water sessions in the lagoon and cenotes (30m / 99ft max)


5-6 days | $550

Let's get deeper! The Master Freediver course is the highest level of the recreational RAID WSF Freediving education and will bring you skills necessary to take your freediving deeper and become more autonomous. 

This Master Course will focus on different aspects of the freediving training: Mouthfill Equalization and FRC Diving, that are keys to deep equalization past residual volume, rope / buoy setup, Static Coaching, flexibility and mental challenges linked to deeper freediving and competition.

The Master course includes 2 confined water sessions and 6 open water sessions, freediving to a depth of 30m to 40m.



  • Theory (physiology, Safety, Theory of deep equalization, Training techniques, competition, lifestyle...)

  • Mouthfill Equalization Practice and exercises

  • FRC Diving

  • Gear and Rope Setup

  • Yoga Class with certified yoga teacher

  • Packing / Reverse packing Lung Stretching

  • 2 Confined water sessions (Static and Dynamic)

  • 6 Open water sessions in the lagoon and cenotes (40m / 99ft max)

EACH course includes

  • RAID international certification and manual

  • All freediving equipment

  • Your freediving pictures

  • Cenotes entrance

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If you are already a certified freediver and would like to train and improve your freediving skills, we offer several master training, 1 week, 2 weeks and 1 month. You will have your OWsession in our 2 main training cenote, practice dry training exercises and static coaching. 

We will be training mainly at Angelita and Ka'an Luum Lagoon located at ~15min drive from the centre.

  • The Cenote Angelita (“Little Angel”) is a beautiful underwater cavern with a peculiar backstory. This open cave is part freshwater, part saltwater. The first 29m of the hole is crystal clear fresh water. At the bottom, you will discover a dense cloud, a hazy layer of hydrogen sulphate separating the fresh and salt water (halocline). On tops tree branches reach up through this layer, adding to this hauntingly beautiful effect.

  • Ka'an Luum Laguna is a picturesque lagoon featuring a deep cenote in its centre. Ka'an Luum is known for its beautiful blue waters both in and around the centre. The blue hole descends to depths beyond 70meters.

During your master training, you will be a maximum of 3 students on the buoy to allow a personalise coaching and improve your freediving techniques.

Just contact us to prepare your tailor made sessions!


One of great aspects of freediving in Mexico is to connect with nature and discover the wonder of the Mayan civilisation! Based on your schedule and interest, we can arrange a day trip combining a training in the morning and a discovery in the afternoon.

We are offering 3 different but as magical 1-day trip excursions (For certified divers only)

Cenote "El Matt" & Muyil Ruins

Located at 90min south of Tulum, this Cenote offers an unforgivable experience. 30m depth, 30m of visibility! After our freediving session we will have lunch and visit the Muyil ruins on the way back.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Secret Cenote & Ek Balam

 Freedive in the impressive Secret Cave Cenote located at 2hours drive from Tulum.  A very special one, located inside a large cavern full of stalactites, clear water, with a depth of 50m. We will have lunch and visit the Ek Balam ruins.


Cenote Azul & The laguna of Bacalar

Located at 2h30min south of Tulum, the cenote Azul offers perfect condition for depth training with more than 70m depth! We will have lunch at the restaurant and enjoy a boat tour in the laguna of the 7 colors. 



The Riviera Maya is an incredible place for freediving in Mexico. We are blessed to be surrounded by amazing dive sites so as to offer a maximum enjoyment to freediving and discover the underwater world of Tulum.


The Cenotes of Tulum area are a a gift from Nature. The Cenotes are natural pools in the rocks formed by the collapse of porous limestone bedrock. The fresh water is extremely quiet, welcoming you to a world of silence and rest. It is a great opportunity if you might be scared by the ocean. We will turn your freediving experience into a Cenotes experience! 

Be ready for the adventure, and plunge into the secret world! 


Come and explore the amazing spots for freediving in Mexico, at the Riviera Maya in Tulum. Learn to freedive in the Cenotes at La Casa Surya, via our RAID freedive center FreediveSurya; ideally located in the downtown of Tulum, which offers an easy access to the Cenotes and the Caribbean sea.  

RAID is an internationally recognized Freediver certification and mirror the SSI, PADI and AIDA standards.

Start you course now with our advanced on-line quality control system which integrates e-learning programmes, covering all your theory, quick quiz and exam. Practical training is completed during your stay.

We organise training on demand and adapt it to your schedule. We aim at keeping our group small (2-3 max) to offer a maximum attention and enjoyment. 


  • A comfortable classroom, equipped with wifi & AC

  • A swimming pool ideal for static practice

  • A Yoga studio

  • High-quality freediving equipment

  • Accommodation (package available inquire for more information)

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