About Sabrina, Yoga & Freediving Instructor 

Owner & Manager of La Casa Surya

Hola!! I have lived in Hong Kong for 10 years working in the corporate industry. I was spending most of my free time travelling around Asia, diving, exploring the wonders of the underwater world and became a scuba instructor - teaching during weekends to share my passion. During the years spent in Asia, I have been privileged to study with a wide variety of well-known Freedivers and Yoga instructors.


Like most beginners, I have started Yoga to get in better shape and to get a balance with my stressful corporate job. Yoga has changed my life and I really believe that it helps you to be stronger physically, mentally and can help you make changes in your life.

My approach to yoga is straightforward. I have a daily consistent practice and focus on the foundation: proper alignment, breathing, awareness and being present. It is not the pose which counts, it is the journey to get there. I desire to challenge my students in a joyful, peaceful manner. I don’t expect perfection, but want my students to try their best in a caring and nurturing environment!

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My love for the underwater world, and yoga brought me naturally to freediving. Honestly, I went through different struggles, especially with equalization. Everyone is different and some have more natural abilities than others. For me, it required more time and effort. Everyone can learn with proper guidance. The moment you get it, the feeling is magical – you simply feel well in the water, and feel light. It is a moment to reconnect with yourself, mind, body, soul and to the nature – be one with your breath and just let it go.

I have taken the plunge to quit everything, move to Mexico, and share what I love most - my love for Yoga, the underwater world and teaching.  


  • RAID Advanced Freediving Instructor

  • PADI Master scuba instructor

  • 200 hrs Anusara Teacher Training with Patrick Creelman,

  • 200 hrs Yoga Medecine Teacher Training with Tiffany Cruikshank (working towards 500hrs)

  • 100 hrs Teacher training pre-natal/post-natal certified by “Mindful Birth”

  • Reiki Level 1 & 2, Thai Body Therapy - certified from Thai Healing Academy



Hola! I am Nayah (not Naia) the little Mascote! My name is coming from a beautiful Cenote in the Yucatan. I like freediving & Yoga, my specialty is the Downward facing dog!


Always giving a warm and friendly welcome, I won’t take care of your safety, but I will be great a buddy to support you during your practice.